Crown of Essence Wigs by Niki (Custom Wigs)

Specializing in Custom Units made to Fit your Needs, Desires, & Lifestyle.

 Wig making began for Niki back in her college days as an alternative to sew ins.  The start of the upart was her first creation 2009 as a faster alternative for spending hours in a salon.  The custom wig journey began in August of 2012, when she was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor.  Since she was a in middle school, she would do hair as a hobby. This hobby turned into a passion when she was left with no choice but to seek an alternative while she began to grow her hair back out from two (2) major brain surgeries. She began using this protective styling as a way to allow her hair to grow, while being able to treat and take of it on a daily basis. Prior to surgery she would mainly use sew-ins, but found that sew-ins take a lot of time to install and uninstall, they were now causing her extreme pain due to the tightness and pulling.

 After purchasing a stock wig for the first time, she quickly learned that she wasn't getting the look or longevity that she sought for, so the journey began.  After hours of research on the idea of wigs, and many hours of trial and error a dream began to be born.  I realized that a wig is essentially the same as a upart/sew-in.  So she began adding my closure and the idea of custom units continued to grow.  She initially made each one by hand until she realized if she knew how to sew it, making a wig on a sewing machine couldn't be much different.

From there she began to follow and order training material to perfect her craft.  In 2015  Crown of Essence Wigs by Niki was in full force. Constructing quality wigs and wig units is my passion. All of her wigs or wig units are hand made by sewing machine. Making and creating wigs is her passion.